2018: Your Healthiest Year EVER!

How do you create your healthiest year ever in 2018?

Honestly, vibrant, radiant, perfect health doesn’t just happen.

It takes commitment.

It takes work.

It takes time.

It takes deep DETOX – at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & cellular levels!

I know you want to be your healthiest, happiest and most amazing self this year.

And I know you CAN do it.

Because I did it after 40 years of pain, suffering, frustration, anxiety, depression, shame and isolation.

I did it after giving up a million times.
I did it after being told my illness wasn’t curable.
I did it after I decided I’d had enough!

If you’ve had enough too, I encourage you to step up your healing journey in 2018. Just start wherever you are.


Make a Deep Commitment

A deep detox journey isn’t for the faint of heart. You will want to make a strong, unwavering commitment to heal and transform every cell of your being. Begin by writing down your commitment of how you will create your healthiest year EVER! Claim your Divine birthright to radiant health!

Take the First (or Next) Step

No matter where you are on your healing and transformative journey, your first step is to purge yourself of everything that no longer serves you. Eliminate harmful foods, emotions, people and situations that are causing you to be toxic, sick, weak, painful, anxious and miserable. You KNOW in your heart what/who these are.

Stay on the Path

Staying on the path is the biggest challenge. We often sabotage ourselves and stray down the wrong path out of fear and resistance to our highest good. I have found spiritual surrender to be the ONLY way to stay on the path. Deep, daily meditation and letting go into Divine radiant rapture will guide you to the optimal health you seek.

Meditation will also awaken your feminine energy and power (guys too!). We are seeing a huge resurgence of the Divine Feminine on the planet which is, in my opinion, sorely needed for the health of our bodies, minds and spirits. Let Her in and allow Her to heal and transform you at your sacred core.

Wherever you are on the healing path is OK – beginner, intermediate, advanced – it doesn’t matter, just take the next step!

Each step you take in 2018 will get you closer to your healthiest year EVER!

If you truly want a richer experience of health and well-being in 2018, you will want to step up and CLAIM it!

Here’s to your healthiest and happiest year EVER!

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