Eat Fruit to Detoxify and Heal Chronic Fatigue

Eat fruitIf you suffer from chronic fatigue, eat fruit! Fruit is the most cleansing, nourishing and healing food on the planet. When you eat fruit it has an alkaline (anti-inflammatory) effect on the body. There is no other food that can powerfully detoxify and heal the body from chronic fatigue like raw, ripe fruit.

Fruit is Your Friend!

A lot of people don’t eat fruit because they think it’s too high in carbohydrates or sugars, but this is not true. Yes, REFINED sugar and carbohydrates are not healing foods. But the natural, simple sugars (fructose) and carbohydrates in fruit are perfect for the human body. Humans were designed to be primarily frugivores. Eating lots and lots of raw fruit is the most nourishing and healing for human bodies.

So fruit is not the problem in your diet. The heavy consumption of meat, eggs, dairy, fat, grains and the chocolate cake and pizza are what are making your body acidic and causing inflammation, fatigue and illness. As you eliminate acid forming foods and add in more alkalizing fruit, your body will begin to cleanse itself of all the bacteria, viruses, toxins and other pathogens that are making you sick and tired.

Fruit Feeds Your Spirit

A wonderful benefit I have found when I eat fruit is how it raises my vibrational energy. Fruits possess the highest electrical energy of any food. Therefore, when I make a conscious choice to eat beautiful, ripe, raw fruit I’m not just feeding my body, I’m also feeding my highest self.

When you eat beautiful life-giving fruits, you are not only detoxifying and nourishing your body, you are also elevating your mind and spirit. A beautiful state of mind and an inner, spiritual peace are an important part of your healing journey.

3 Ways to Eat More Fruit:

1. Eat fruit for breakfast. Eat until you feel satiated. Try several bananas, a bunch of grapes, 2 or 3 oranges or grapefruit, several cups of cut up melon or a couple of mangos. You could also juice some apples, oranges or grapes and drink a large glass of juice.

2. Eat a fruit mono-meal or snack. Choose 1 fruit and eat until you feel pleasantly full. Good choices are bananas, watermelon, grapes, pears, peaches, apples, mangos or pineapple.

3. Eat fruit all day until dinner. Try fruit juices, fruit smoothies, fruit salads, mono-meals, or just grab a couple of fruits you love and munch away!

To heal your chronic fatigue and enjoy boundless energy I encourage you to increase your consumption of fruit a little bit each day. Add one luscious bite at a time and thoroughly enjoy the abundance of raw, ripe fruit!

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