Detox Power of Celery Juice

Pouring Celery JuiceCelery juice is one of the most cleansing, hydrating and nutritious juices you can add to your daily diet. When celery is juiced it becomes a powerhouse drink that aids detoxification and digestion, provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and alkalizing properties that are essential for optimal health.

When you drink 8 oz. of freshly made, organic celery juice every day, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Strengthen Your Digestion

One of the most profound ways to strengthen your digestion is to restore hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your gut. Without adequate supplies of HCL you will be unable to properly digest your food, break down proteins or absorb nutrients essential for strong immune function. When your food is undigested it creates a toxic ammonia gas that gets carried throughout your bloodstream and causes a myriad of health issues.

HCL is your stomach’s first defense against pathogens, bacteria and viruses. If you have digestive disorders including bloating, gas, nausea and acid reflux, and feel chronically fatigued, you most likely have a deficiency of HCL. Low HCL is VERY common these days due to the denatured state of our convenience foods. Straight celery juice can restore your HCL, alleviate your digestive distress, rebuild your immune system and create greater reserves of energy.

Relax Your Nerves

Celery juice has special essential oils that regulate and calm the central nervous system. With its high organic magnesium content, it can help you relax and enjoy longer and more restful sleep. Celery contains compounds called coumarins which help reduce the effects of stress hormones like cortisol in your body. When high levels of cortisol constrict blood vessels, undue strain is put on your circulatory and nervous system and robs you of deep sleep and balanced health.

Rehydrate Your Body

The high water content and perfect compliment of electrolytes in celery can hydrate your cells, regulate your body temperature and keep you cool on a hot day. Celery juice will replenish your overheated body after a workout, a walk or run or any other cardiovascular exercise.

Purify Your Blood

Vital, organic sodium is essential for maintaining the fluidity of the blood and lymph and prevents it from becoming too thick. Celery juice provides this with it’s high content of organic mineral salts. Every cell in your body is bathed in a solution of saline water. If this is not maintained, dehydration will set in. Celery is also very high in potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and folic acid. This combination is invaluable for alkalizing and equalizing your blood PH.

Cleanse Your Liver

The beautiful blend of organic minerals and mineral salts contained in celery are particularly cleansing for your liver. Your liver plays the biggest role in the removal of toxins and works in tandem to support proper elimination. When you juice celery it releases nutrients in the fiber that make celery a natural diuretic and laxative. This aids your entire digestive system, including your liver and kidneys, to function at peak proficiency and effectively detox your body on a daily basis.

Enhance Your Beauty

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of celery juice is it’s beauty enhancing qualities. Celery’s nutritional elements and hydrating benefits can greatly increase your skin’s elasticity and tone and give you a healthy glow. This healthy glow emanates from the inside out as the detox power of celery juice transforms your body into a beautifully healthy one!

Celery Juice Recipes

NOTE: Celery juice is a powerful cleanser.

Start with 2 oz. and work up to 8 oz. over a 2 – 4 week period. It takes time for your digestion to adjust and rebuild the mineral salts that will improve digestion and health. Your body will let you know the amount you can tolerate.

Straight Up Celery Juice

The best way to consume straight celery juice is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then wait about 20 minutes before drinking or eating anything else. This gives your body the opportunity to continue it’s detoxification process after sleeping.

Using organic celery, wash, dry and cut the stalks and leaves into pieces that will fit easily into your juicer chute. Make your desired amount of celery juice. One half of a bunch of celery will make about 8 oz. of juice. Drink immediately for greatest results.

Celery Juice Blends

Although you will benefit most from drinking celery juice alone, it can be a challenge because of the taste. If it is very difficult for you to tolerate, try a blend.

Here are a few additions to help with the taste:

Choose 1 or 2 of these additions:
Cucumber – 2 inch piece
Carrot – 1 medium carrot
Beet – 1/2 small beet

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